About us


The company „AL-M“ LLC from Derventa is founded on October 20,1986 as an independent crafts shop engaged in sheet metal work. Six years later the company was expanded und reformulated into private company, and eight years later in limited lialiability company whose majority or sole owner is Milorad Miladinovic.

The company owns two facilities. The original production was located in an 800 square meters production hall to which four annexes are bound. Due to increasing demand for the use of steel and steel structures in construction, and thus the production range and services of the company, in 2017 the company started construction of a new production hall with a production area of approximately 1600m² in order to increase its supply and meet the needs of potential customers. The construction of the hall was completed in 2018.

The company emphasizes on the fabrication and installation of steel structures (multipurpose halls and warehouses, sporthalls, car showrooms, antenna poles), sheet metal roofing, fabrication and installation of sheet metal and installation of thermal insulation panels and installation of glass facades. To carry out its business, the company has the necessary machinery and equipment and also vehicles.

The activity of the company includes the following:

• The production and installation of all types of metal structures from cold formed to hot rolled profiles. The construction of industriel objects, structural facades, shopping malls, car dealerships, services, warehouses, poultry farms, canopies, gas stations are just some of the facilities we are able to construct.
Construction of this type of structures offers many advantages over other types of construction:
- Fast and cheap construction. During the construction of the foundation, the construction of the steel structure is also carried out so that after the foundation is made, the quick installation of the structure follows.
- Mounting connections are done with screws, which greatly speeds up the installation. If necessary, you can dismantle and relocate the facility to another location
- Maintenance costs are lower
- Due to the easy metalworking, we have great opportunities and obtain attractive solutions for buildings

In addition to basic protection of the structure with basic paint and varnish, we also apply fire protection for 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

• Procurement and installation of thermal insulation roof and facade panels. We offer steel and aluminium panels with stone wool and polyurethane fill. The are used for covering and coating industrial buildings, shopping malls, car dealerships, services, warehouses, poultry farms, cold stores and all other facillities requiring good thermal insulation. These are fast and attractive solutions that have a long life span.

• We also offer you the installation of trapezoidal sheets, sheet metal- tiles and supporting construction sheet metal, as well as the construction and installation of flat roofs, arches, domes on religious and residential buildings. Behind us is the experience of over 50 church facilities.

The other services:
• We perform sheet metal cutting services with hydraulic shears up to 3000mm wide and 12 mm thick; pantograph gas cutting; cutting with a band saw up to 450mm; bending of sheets on hydraulic press up to 3000mm; bending of construction sheet metal up to 6000mm; bending cylinders of various diameters up to 18mm thick sheet metal; flow shotgun services
• Production and installation of black locksmith
• Production and installation of pipeline insulation
• Production and installation of mechanical installations
• Renovation of existing facilities

The company has very good prerequisites for further development and growth, which are reflected in the technical equipment, which includes machines for production, assembly and installation of products, then the quality of production, products and services, which is guaranteed by its long experience and trained staff behind it, as well as the fact that it has all licenses required by law to carry on their business. We also have EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification and EN 1090 and EN 3834-2 standards.

Quality policy

The success of our company is based on the satisfaction of our customers with regard to the construction of high quality facilities according to their request and ideas with our professional recommendations, on compliance with the delivery time and the correct prices in line with the prices dictated by the market, as well as on the satisfaction of our employees. These are the reasons that influenced our decision to initiate and implement a quality management system according to the requirements of the international standards of the ISO 9001: 2008 series, in order to develop qualitatively and therefore quantitatively and be better tomorrow than we are today.

Referring to our past experience and facts, the goals of our company are:
• Continious development und refinement in accordance with the wishes, ideas and needs of our customers, whose satisfaction is a confirmation of well done work, and therefore recommendation for futher business.
• Increase of market position through technical and technological development, improvement and raising of the expertise and knowledge of employees, as well as previous experience
• Maintaining and nurturing fair and professional relationships with the suppliers we have been dealing with for years, as well as establishing good relationships with new suppliers
• Maintaining and improving good working conditions and an environment that stimulates our employees to creative and team work because they are part of one family that makes up our company.
• Compliance with legislation to eliminate risks to human health and safety as well as to improve the environmental management system..
• The quality of our products and services must not be subordinated to cost reductions and shorter deadlines, with the right and obligation of employees to indicate the decisions and actions of superiors they consider to lead to a decrease in quality levels.

The company management has a responsibility and obligation to inform all employees about the content of the quality policy, to ensure that it is understood and to ensure its implementation at all levels.


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